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What To Do If You Receive a Tax Lien
A lien refers to a legal claim on a specific piece of property and it until the amount owed is paid off, whereas a lienholder is an individual or organization that makes a claim. In most cases, you may receive a lien in the form of a letter from the IRS or State Franchise Tax […]...
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Top 10 Common IRS Audit Triggers and What To Do
Hearing the word “audit” can give anyone a sinking feeling in their stomach, but luckily, audits are not as often as you may think. In 2019, the IRS audited 1 out of every 220 taxpayers, which was 0.45% of the total individual tax returns of the fiscal year.1 While more than half of those r...
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Relief Attorney During COVID-19
As the capitalist market continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are gradually realizing the importance of tax lawyers. Amid the global upheaval, new tax changes from the federal government and the IRS are confusing both small and big business entities. In fact, taxation has b...
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Will I Need to Pay Taxes on My Stimulus Check?
While the state of coronavirus pandemic does not seem to be getting any better, the Internal Revenue Service has sent out well over 150 million stimulus checks as of April 15 – totaling $267 billion.1 Many Americans have already received their checks – even deceased Americans were sent stimulus ...
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Effects of 2020 Tax Laws and Policies on Economic Growth and Your Business
The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic is causing devastating effects on local and global markets. From disrupting supply chains to threatening the global economy, the COVID-19 virus forces businesses to confront a host of challenges. As tax policy is a section of economic policy, policymakers...
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How Will the Global Pandemic Affect Your Taxes?
In early 2020, COVID-19 swept the globe, leaving millions of people out of work, including 20.6 million jobs in the United States. The stock market has hit all-time lows, and the country is preparing for an economic recession that experts have warned might be akin to the Great Depression. Taxpayers ...
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5 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
If you're not self-employed, tax season can mean money in the bank. 74% of Americans receive a tax refund of an average of $3,000, which for most taxpayers, is a significant amount of money. During the COVID-19 crisis, millions of Americans lost their jobs, which means that the tax return might need...
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