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Why Should You Get A Business Tax Professional?

Every business owner must eventually navigate the cumbersome world of taxes and the IRS. We are here to not only help you with filing your business taxes but also to make sure that you’re maximizing your deductions as well. Is your business already structured? Are you launching a business and unsure how to set up your entity? Let us review and advise you, not just on your potential liabilities, but in addressing all your tax-related issues.

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Our Primary Practice Areas:

Federal Withholding & Payroll Tax

Is your business struggling with reporting or depositing payroll taxes? Have the IRS placed tax liens on your company? Our team of experts can work with the IRS to negotiate different agreements so that you can maintain your business while your old payroll taxes are paid or lowered to a manageable amount.

Corporate Income Tax

Your business is obligated to pay the federal government 21% of its total revenue when filing a federal corporate tax return. In addition, states may impose their own separate corporate income tax rates on your business. It is important to consult a tax attorney or a CPA to ensure regulatory compliance and to maximize your tax deductions.

Sales Tax

Sales tax rules and regulations are changing frequently and every state is different. Our team of experts conducts reverse sales tax audits on your business first to see if we can be of assistance. If you are scheduled for an audit, our attorney represents you to ensure sure your business is treated fairly during the audit and to make sure you stay in compliance with sales tax rules without being over-compliant.

Revenue Officer Representation

If you’ve had IRS issues in the past or if you or your business owes the IRS, a revenue officer or agent is very likely to come knocking on your door.  You must seek immediate professional representation should this happen. Our professional attorney speaks to the IRS on your behalf and protects you from sinking deeper into trouble.

Entity Formation

Our team of experts is well equipped to help you in meeting the legal requirements to properly set up your business entity that best meets your needs. We also assist you in corporate governance issues including regulatory and compliance matters ensuring you and your business are well-protected.


"I owed 58k in back taxes with the IRS. Scott Pace was able to get me an offer in compromise and reduced what I owed to under 3000! He was very professional and honest throughout the process. I highly recommend GATL."
Jacqueline H.
"I fell behind on making monthly payments to the IRS and they were threatening to charge a penalty that added tons to my bill. worked with them and fixed my payments."
Sarah C.