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Why Are Taxes Important?

By Kaila Carmichael | November 18, 2020

Every year around April 15, you’ll hear Americans groan about “tax day.” That’s because federal and state income tax forms are due around that time. But have you ever wondered why you have to pay taxes? In the United States, we have governments at the local, state, federal levels. These governments have various parts to them, including legislators, executives, judges, and many […]

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Can You Pay Taxes With a Credit Card?

By Kaila Carmichael | October 16, 2020

Your accountant probably doesn’t want you to pay your taxes with a credit card. But there are special cases in which using a credit card for your tax bill may be a necessary last resort or help you save with bonus rewards. Here’s what you need to know about paying your taxes with a credit […]

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Taxes?

By Kaila Carmichael | October 10, 2020

Every year, millions of people owe taxes. This number has increased due to the tax law changes that went into effect for the 2018 tax season.1 Lower refunds and more tax bills have taxpayers panicking and scrambling to figure out they are going to pay their taxes.  So what happens if you don’t pay your taxes? What do […]

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Tax Relief Scams You Should Avoid

By Kaila Carmichael | September 21, 2020

Believe it or not, tax relief scams are quite common. Unfortunately, most people think they’re not as likely to fall victim to swindlers. Once targeted, victims often feel extemely upset with many questions. To help you avoid tax relief scams, our team of tax lawyers in Orange County has identified several common strategies used by […]

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What Is The IRS Fresh Start Program?

By Kaila Carmichael | September 8, 2020

Are you grappling with paying federal tax debt? If so, you may have come across the IRS Fresh Start Program (or People-First Initiative) in your research and are wondering if this initiative can solve your problems. What is the IRS Fresh Start Program, and can it help you settle your debt? The answers to these questions […]

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Top 10 Common IRS Audit Triggers and What To Do

By Kaila Carmichael | August 26, 2020

Hearing the word “audit” can give anyone a sinking feeling in their stomach, but luckily, audits are not as often as you may think. In 2019, the IRS audited 1 out of every 220 taxpayers, which was 0.45% of the total individual tax returns of the fiscal year.1 While more than half of those returns were […]