Audit Appeals

“Audit” is the last word any taxpayer wants to hear after filing their returns. This unpopular IRS or State procedure can be terrifying, especially after seeing you have a higher tax bill once the audit is complete. Should this ever happen and you do not agree with the assessment, you have the right to request an appeal. When it comes to audit appeals, our tax professionals in Los Angeles have extensive experience to go up against the IRS or State to help you win your case.

The Office of Appeals

The Office of Appeals is an independent sector of the IRS that resolves all audit appeals submitted by taxpayers without litigation. The appeals office has almost 2,000 employees across the nation and most tax cases are sent to and resolved by the closest location. At one point, most of the employees were auditors themselves, but are now senior employees in the IRS with extensive experience in accounting and litigation. Their sole purpose is to review completed audit reports and provide a fair chance for taxpayers to argue their cases to a higher power within the IRS. The Office of Appeals works hard to resolve tax disputes internally in a way that ensures voluntary taxpayer compliance in the future.

Audit Appeals Hearing

When you have hired our tax attorneys to step in for your upcoming audit appeals hearing, we take full advantage of the 60 days allotted to prepare your case. During this time, your attorney will work out and solidify the details of your case, along with arguments to be used for your case. Our team of tax attorneys has the professionalism to list all necessary information so that it is easy to read for the appeals officer.

Once the hearing is over, your tax representative will negotiate with the appeals officer on an attainable settlement for you to pay off your reduced tax liability. The officer will always remain impartial so long as your intentions are not fraudulent, and you agree to pay several adjustments to show good faith. After the adjustments are finalized verbally, you will receive IRS Form 870, Waiver of Restrictions on Assessment and Collection of Deficiency in Tax and Acceptance of Overassessment, where the conditions of your audit appeal are transcribed.

Our Attorneys Are Here to Represent Your Case to the IRS

Whenever you are not sure what the next steps are in dealing with the IRS, give our team of tax attorneys a call. We offer a wide range of tax relief services to handle all four corners of your tax woes. Do not wait, call a representative on our team at 1-800-290-8160 today!