IRS Account Investigation

It is very common for taxpayers to be unsure of exactly how much they owe in back taxes and why they are receiving letters from the IRS or State. When going over your tax accounts, it can sometimes be confusing since the information from the IRS can be inconsistent or incomplete. Our Los Angeles tax relief professionals at have the expertise to conduct a transparent IRS account investigation to give you the full overview of how much you owe.

What Is an IRS Account Investigation?

Our IRS account investigation (or tax exploratory service) gives taxpayers a concise yet thorough breakdown of the status of their tax accounts. We contact the IRS or the State to obtain order transcripts and Record of Accounts (ROA) to give a detailed assessment of your amount owed, which includes:

  • A summary of whether your IRS tax forms were filed and assessed.
  • Penalties, interest, bankruptcy analysis, and amounts owed for each tax year.
  • A detailed overview of when and whether the taxes are still collectible by the IRS.

Our team also investigates if the IRS has filed a tax lien, which is attached to all your property and can affect your credit report. Therefore, it’s important to gain information on possible tax liens before applying for credit or selling off your property.  

Once we have conducted a full analysis through an IRS account investigation, you will receive a summary of the report along with viable solutions. As our tax professionals value our clients, we do our best to provide attainable recommendations while maintaining transparency when it comes to your tax liability.

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