Payroll Tax Relief

If you need payroll tax relief services, don’t worry, you are not alone! Each year, many business owners must answer to the IRS when they have failed to pay their payroll taxes on time. For entrepreneurs, it is not uncommon to feel hopeless when figuring out how to quickly settle their debt with the IRS. Nevertheless, there are various solutions to help you out of the sticky situation with the IRS. If you need payroll tax relief with the IRS, our tax lawyers in Los Angeles at are here to help you easily pay off your payroll tax balance with the IRS.

What Is Payroll Tax Relief?

If you are a business owner who owes payroll taxes or have not withheld taxes from your employees’ paychecks, our payroll tax relief services can help resolve your case with the IRS. No matter if the payroll taxes were not paid because of an error, inability to pay due to financial hardship, or because the business shut down, you are still obligated to pay the IRS the amount you owe.

What Happens if An Employer Does Not File Their Payroll Taxes?

It is important to understand as both a taxpayer and business owner that the IRS can be aggressive in assessing penalties, especially for a payroll tax balance. Failing to pay your business’ payroll taxes is usually considered a federal offense and can result in massive penalties. Even worse is when the IRS can denote your case to the Criminal Investigation Division and the Department of Justice. 1 This is when payroll tax relief and our Southern California tax lawyers come in.

How Can Help?

The key detail to remember is that the IRS requires you to pay your taxes, however, they are willing to work with you in order to clear your tax liability. The federal government offers several tax settlement services to help you clear your tax bill over time. Our experienced team of Southern California tax lawyers have extensive knowledge of tax law and make paying off your tax liability much simpler. Without the help of a tax professional, dealing with the IRS can be tricky and you are not as likely to receive the best payment plan for your case. When you employ our payroll tax relief services, you won’t have to worry or become frustrated by negotiating the IRS’ tax settlement services and figuring out the complex tax laws – you’ll be in the good hands of our tax professionals at

So, don’t wait to attain tax forgiveness! Call 1-800-290-8160 for your FREE consultation and get a tax lawyer today!


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