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Payroll Services in Los Angeles, California

Enjoy Automated tax filings,

employee benefits, and

a full-service payroll, in a 3-in-1 package.


Designed For
All Business Owners

Our payroll services in Los Angeles serve small to large businesses.

Automatic Tax Filing

Filing local payroll, state, and federal taxes gets automatic, leaving you time and energy to focus on your business!

 Reasonably Priced

We charge you a flat price, without any hidden charges whatsoever! You get all the payroll services in Los Angeles your business needs in a complete package.

 Experts Available to Guide

You can avail the help our experienced payroll service experts who help you through the entire cycle.

Companies are required to file corporate returns by March 15 every tax year. However, some scenarios make business owners eligible to obtain a 6-month extension on that. An online tax return filing is also required from all businesses that file taxes as a corporation and have assets worth more than $10 million. The corporate tax consultants at Get A Tax Lawyer would be happy to file online on your behalf of your company. However, tax documentation can be filed electronically only. Corporations are eligible to pay in installments in April, June, September, and December.

Designed to Integrate
With Your Business.

You get an entire suite of payroll tax software that integrates seamlessly into the existing payroll system your business currently has!


Track Time Effortlessly

You need to have the following details to file your corporate taxes:

Use Get A Tax Lawyer For More

From payroll invoices to appointments and payment processing, Get A Tax Lawyer has all the stuff required to help you run your whole business, integrated effortlessly together.

Pay Employees Instantly

You can now pay employees quicker using your Get A Tax Lawyer balance or Get A Tax Lawyer checking account.

When I file my Corporate Tax Returns, which expenses can I deduct?

“Instead of working with 6-7 different systems just to manage my one business, I now have Get A Tax Lawyer’s payroll services that solve all my problems easily! And they are affordable too!”

David Humphrey

Business Owner, Los Angeles

Get A Tax Lawyer Has You Covered

  • What is the procedure to access benefits?

    You can easily access employee benefits from the benefits tab on your payroll main page. Setting up 401(k) retirement and health insurance has never been simpler!

  •  What is the process for running payroll processing for contractors?

    The Get A Tax Lawyer payroll service helps you pay contractors online. You will have to take their personal information first to be sure you aren’t making a payment mistake.

  • Which Payroll Taxation Forms Will be Submitted for my Business?

    Your payroll services get automated by Get A Tax Lawyer. This includes submission of your state tax filings and federal tax filings as well as payments you owe others, without any extra charges!

  • What is Workers’ Compensation?

    Get A Tax Lawyer clients find it easier to pay workers’ compensation thanks to our wide network that connects us with suitable payment partners.

  • What is the Procedure to Run Get A Tax Lawyer Payroll?

    The payroll section of your Get A Tax Lawyer account helps you manage all payroll processing. Just ensure that you access it in time to be able to pay your employees on time.

  •  How Can I Work and Grow My Business?

    Get A Tax Lawyer is here to help your business through the entire cycle from application to hiring. We have professionals on our team who have sufficient payroll taxation experience.

  •  Is It necessary to pay Payroll Tax in Every State?

    Locations across multiple states may be set up. Employees who work from home can be paid differently.

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