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Sales Tax: What is it?

Most states impose a kind of gross receipts tax called a sales tax. This is imposed on tangible personal property sales such as furniture, car parts, chairs, computers, or specific services. Every state has different rules that decide what service kinds and item types will be taxed. Each state also has some exclusions and exemption types that prevent sales taxes on some businesses, favoring some at the cost of some others.

To avoid sellers from outside a state to gain a competitive edge over sellers within their own state, all states apply a use tax on buyers inside the state. It requires all buyers (including both businesses and individuals) to pay use tax on an item that would typically have sales tax subjected on it, except when the same sales tax has been paid off already.

You need to remember, however, that sales tax payment is required to be made by a seller (on items that are taxable) to the state even if they have forgotten to charge sales tax. Moreover, corporate owners and officers may be held personally liable for sales taxes’ payments. A business may have penalties imposed on it in case it fails to remit all applicable use tax and self-assess. 

Countrywide Sales Tax Consulting Services

 Our Experts Guide You 

Opportunities that help you get back sales tax you need not pay, lessen exposure to future audits, and chances for tax savings may be pointed out by a good sales tax consultant professional in your state. Planning becomes an essential aspect of managing local and state taxes. If you fail to diligently pre-plan, comply with, and manage state taxes, you may end up paying harsh tax sums along with interest and penalties.

Whether your business transactions are irregular ones or routine ones, they may be structured to help you avoid unnecessary taxes. You just need to pre-plan and seek the guidance of our proficient sales tax consulting services experts.

Current tax saving chances or tax minefields may riddle certain business transactions as well. Most US states have rules for motor vehicles, art, and aircraft purchases.

Why Hire A Get A Tax Lawyer Sales Lawyer?.

If you have recently bought machines in large numbers, or gotten several repairs, avoiding local and state taxes or filing for returns of already paid taxes is crucial. A sales tax is usually a reconsideration. That’s why having a sales tax professional on your team ahead of time is a good idea. You can save up huge sums of money you would otherwise be paying as local and state taxes.

Being a team of dedicated sales tax consultants, Get A Tax Lawyer has attorneys and accounts having entire careers centered around helping people out in business taxation issues. We focus on these issues as well, and as well as other taxation challenges your business might face in the future.
Our core focus is to improve our client’s position regarding their sales tax problems. In addition to solving their current use tax and sales problems, we also help them in preventing similar dilemmas from occurring over time.

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A use tax and sales lawyer from Get A Tax Lawyer may discuss your issue with you to correct your taxation mistakes. This helps ensure you are not paying unnecessary amounts as taxes, as well as recover sales tax that you have already paid but shouldn’t have.

Our firm also helps you maintain your records and calculate your taxes, as well as helps you in lessening your tax debt. Dial 1-800-213-8049 to schedule your first free session!

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